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Heroic Men Use Vulnerability to Succeed in Life

If you want to be successful in your relationships, and even in business, then be vulnerable.

The If Project: Week Five

The If Project takes the text of Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If” and breaks it down into digestible chunks of wisdom. Each week, we’ll take a few lines of the poem and focus on the life lessons and behaviors Kipling puts forth as empowering. This is a mindfulness practice, which will help you consciously build better […]
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Let’s Get Physical: Don’t Forget the Body in the Mind/Body Connection

We all experience physical challenges in our life, whether planned or unplanned. Some people test themselves by running a marathon or climbing a mountain. Some struggle with controlling their weight. Others are afflicted with bodily conditions for which they didn’t ask, in the case of diseases like cancer. No matter what physical challenges present themselves, […]
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Why an Eye for Results is the Way to Succeed

When it comes to learning or forming new skills or habits, results are ultimately what matters. This isn’t to say that the “journey” of the learning process doesn’t matter. But let’s face it: if you’re not seeing some results along the way, no matter how small, you get discouraged. Who likes futility, right? What we’re […]
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Drawing from the Well of Emotional Strength

There are times in life when it can all feel like too much. We’ve all experienced it at some point. These things are, unfortunately, part and parcel of the human experience. But what these moments can teach us, if we let them, is the feat of emotional strength. I’ve written about positive psychology and our […]
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The H.E.R.O. Defined: E is for Elastic (includes Resilience Worksheet)

What do you do when you get punched? I’m not talking about a physical beating. I’m talking about the metaphorical pummeling you sometimes receive courtesy of life’s circumstances. Let’s take an American mythological hero and use his example metaphorically. Let’s take some lessons from the legend of Rocky Balboa (spoilers ahead if you’ve been living […]
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