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My Heroic Masculinity Interview with Leslie Doares

I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Lesli Doares for her podcast “Happily Ever After Is Just The Beginning.”

Empathy is a Vital Part of the Heroic Man’s Toolbox

At some point, we all wonder if we, or the people around us, are “crazy.” Setting aside how socially tone-deaf the use of that term is in relation to the still-lingering stigma surrounding mental illness, it’s not unnatural to worry about the intentions of the human beings we encounter. It’s part of our subconscious survival mechanism to […]
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Have You Had Your Scrooge Moment?

Yes, the holidays are over. So why am I writing a post referencing Ebeneezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol? No, I’m not trying to make you depressed. I’m actually hoping to extend the “goodwill to all” spirit of the holidays to the rest of the year. We all know Scrooge’s story: he’s a mean old […]
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Why You Need to Shut Up, Listen, and Communicate Heroically

I did it. I argued with someone on the Internet. It wasn’t the first time, and probably won’t be the last. I know what you’re thinking: arguing on the Internet is the greatest exercise in futility since Sisyphus rolled his boulder. We all know about the infamous echo chambers created by the greatest information sharing […]
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Don’t Forget to be a Hero for THIS Person

You. When we think of the term “hero,” we often picture someone saving other people around them. But sometimes, you need to save yourself. Actually, when it comes to heroic legends worldwide, time and again we see how the protagonist of the story needs to be a hero to themselves first, before they can be […]
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Why Adults Need Playtime with Friends Too

A lot of people struggle to maintain their friendships when they start their careers or build a family. As we move further and further into adulthood, one of our most precious resources—time—becomes more and more valuable and scarce. And, unfortunately, a lot of us choose to spend our limited free time in sedentary activities like […]
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Hero’s Guide: Blessed are the Caregivers

Men are often known for the important quality of having a protective instinct when it comes to family. Perhaps this harks back to the long-gone days when we stood guard against threats in caves and on the open savannah. Whatever the origin, we should no longer overlook the male potential for caregiving. Perhaps it does […]
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