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Why You Need to Shut Up, Listen, and Communicate Heroically

I did it. I argued with someone on the Internet. It wasn’t the first time, and probably won’t be the last. I know what you’re thinking: arguing on the Internet is the greatest exercise in futility since Sisyphus rolled his boulder. We all know about the infamous echo chambers created by the greatest information sharing […]
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Why You Need to Be an Idiot (Sometimes)

Okay, maybe “idiot” isn’t the right word. Maybe “naïve” is the word I should use. Actually, what I really mean is: you need to practice using what I call “targeted naivety.” Why? Because it will help you be open minded and innovative. Targeted naivety is what open minded and innovative people already do. Targeted naivety […]
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How (and Why) to Tune In to Our Noisy World

Thanks to modern communication technology, we seem to be surrounded by countless people shouting at us all the time. This has created one of the great ironies of our time: despite the fact that we can connect to more people no matter how distant, we often feel more isolated than ever. We’re bombarded by loud voices insisting […]
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