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Off The Cushion: Mindfulness Practices for Heroes

Mindfulness is a big concept in wellness at the moment. It’s all about paying attention to the present moment and accepting your experiences without judgment. However, many people are put off the practice because they see it as endless hours of navel-gazing, and maybe even sitting crossed legged on a meditation cushion. Of course, this […]
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Let’s Get Physical: Don’t Forget the Body in the Mind/Body Connection

We all experience physical challenges in our life, whether planned or unplanned. Some people test themselves by running a marathon or climbing a mountain. Some struggle with controlling their weight. Others are afflicted with bodily conditions for which they didn’t ask, in the case of diseases like cancer. No matter what physical challenges present themselves, […]
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Democratizing the Many Faces of Meditation

Meditation is growing in popularity as a means of maintaining one’s overall well-being. But a lot of people are unsure about meditation, and that’s probably because they have some misconceptions about the practice. I wrote about stress relief earlier and indeed, it’s incredibly important—not even Superman can be on duty all the time! But chilling […]
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