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Heroic Men Use Vulnerability to Succeed in Life

If you want to be successful in your relationships, and even in business, then be vulnerable.

Leaders and Heroes are Born and Made

We are all born with the potential to be heroic. Part of what defines heroism is the desire to support the individuals around us. There is a natural instinct in us to cooperate with other people in order to ensure mutual protection and survival. Whether this stems from a purely selfish gene or not, the […]
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How to Be a Hero to Your Employees (Part 2)

In response to some reader requests to elaborate on how to be a hero boss (not to mention I just wrote about running a company like a hero), I’ve decided to revisit the topic in order to dig deeper. Unfortunately, many employees automatically stereotype their managers as the tough and mean boss figure, a thankless task […]
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Build Your Business Around Being Heroic

Everyone can aspire to be heroic in all aspects of their life, including their career. Work can be viewed as a process of trying to develop and improve every day. Challenges will arise, and it’s your job to craft a solution, innovate, and break through problems to reach success. One of the toughest jobs to […]
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