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Real Men Feel Interview: Intro to Live The Hero

Another excellent conversation with Andy Grant from Real Men Feel! In this episode, I outline the foundational ideas of Live The Hero.

You’ve Gotta Get to Know Joe (Campbell)

I’ve invoked the name of Joseph Campbell quite often in my writings, and with good reason. He was the primary inspiration behind my creation of Live The Hero. Mr. Campbell (or Joe, as I like to call him) is my main source for the “life philosophy” I collated together from various sources. Campbell’s work is the […]
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Follow Your Bliss, Benefit the World

Too many of us are convinced early in life that our dreams are impossible to achieve, and our creative processes are of no consequence to the world. I argue that this is a fallacy born of fear and self-doubt. People can sometimes slip into a “misery loves company” mindset, and deride the success of others […]
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The At-A-Glance Overview of Live The Hero

This website was launched to share my Live The Hero concept with the world, and to start what I consider to be a much-needed conversation about how we can take charge of our lives by choosing better beliefs, habits, and actions. My intent is to constantly communicate with my readers, to get your feedback on what […]
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Video: Intro to Live the Hero for Men

Hey guys, if you need a quick intro to Live the Hero, here’s a short video that gives a brief overview of this new “life philosophy.” Once you watch it, please comment to let me know the following: What could you relate to in the video? What do you hope Live the Hero can do […]
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We Need to Expand the Definition of the Hero

Our modern definition of the hero is too narrow. We’ve made heroism too rare. We’ve lost a lot of depth when it comes to the idea of the hero. Today, If you ask people what it means to be a hero, they’ll probably use words like “brave” or “selfless.” They’ll describe someone who helps other people, even […]
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Why You Need to Live the Hero Now

You know something’s wrong. You can feel it. Like Neo in The Matrix, you know things aren’t the way they’re supposed to be. But we’re not talking about the world around you. There’s something happening with your inner world. It has you frustrated, restless, unhappy. But knowing about the wrongness hasn’t made it better. In fact, it’s […]
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