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Real Men Feel Interview: Intro to Live The Hero

Another excellent conversation with Andy Grant from Real Men Feel! In this episode, I outline the foundational ideas of Live The Hero.

The If Project: Week Six

The If Project takes the text of Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If” and breaks it down into digestible chunks of wisdom. Each week, we’ll take a few lines of the poem and focus on the life lessons and behaviors Kipling puts forth as empowering. This is a mindfulness practice, which will help you consciously build better […]
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You’ve Gotta Get to Know Joe (Campbell)

I’ve invoked the name of Joseph Campbell quite often in my writings, and with good reason. He was the primary inspiration behind my creation of Live The Hero. Mr. Campbell (or Joe, as I like to call him) is my main source for the “life philosophy” I collated together from various sources. Campbell’s work is the […]
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Making the Journey Through Loss and Grief

We all experience loss, and the resulting grief, at some point in our lives. Dealing with the pain of loss is a part of the mythological roots of the hero’s journey. Legends from around the world often depict classical heroes encountering and, eventually, moving beyond loss. We can follow this example in our own lives. […]
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The H.E.R.O. Defined: O is for Open

In mythology, the end result of the hero’s journey is discovering new wisdom to bring back to society, so that everyone benefits from the hero’s experience. Obtaining new wisdom to help the community grow and improve requires stepping out of the known comforts of home and into the wide and wild world. One of my […]
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The At-A-Glance Overview of Live The Hero

This website was launched to share my Live The Hero concept with the world, and to start what I consider to be a much-needed conversation about how we can take charge of our lives by choosing better beliefs, habits, and actions. My intent is to constantly communicate with my readers, to get your feedback on what […]
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Why Every Hero Needs a Guide

The following is a guest post by Omer Redden. You can read more about him at omerdylanredden.com Author’s preface: Throughout my life, I’ve been tutored by some tremendous guides. Whether it was an English teacher, a football coach, a business owner, or an exceptional father, I’ve brushed shoulders with many men who are living admirable lives. Over the […]
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One Big Thing You Need to Embrace in the Hero’s Journey

The following is a guest post by Jeffrey Pickett. You can read more about him at jeffreypickett.com As a child, my father taught me some hard lessons. Sitting down after supper, he’d pull out the chess set and challenge me to a game. The match would usually last about an hour – my father loved to scan the […]
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Join the Self-Maker Revolution!

It’s time to believe that every human being can create themselves. I believe there has never been a better time to be alive. We have the benefit of living at the apex of thousands of years of history, with access to all the wisdom of the ages. And, thanks to the Internet, a person is not limited to the ideas found […]
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Video: You can Rewrite your Reality and Break Old Habits like a Hero

This is my second video about the Live the Hero concept (see the first video here). It explores the everyday hero’s knowledge of the fact that we can rewrite our personal reality. This is done by letting yourself believe you can change your bad habits and become better in whatever area of your life is frustrating you. Belief […]
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