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A fresh look at what it means to be a hero in the 21st century.

Stoicism and Heroism [Video]

Check out this small panel discussion I had with Hero Round Table founder Matt Langdon and University of Nebraska professor of political science (and HRT regular) Ari Kohen, regarding the connections between stoicism and heroism. This subject has a particular connection to my work with men, who are often taught what I consider to be […]
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Heroes Making a Difference in the Community (Part 2)

I recently had another conversation about the meaning of heroism, during which I was again confronted with the common belief that to be a hero one must do something “extraordinary.” Yes, once again it boiled down to the “only emergencies and wars make heroes” perception. In light of this, I thought it was time to […]
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It’s Important to Understand What a Hero is NOT

I’ve written about the need to expand the definition of the hero. But it’s not enough to describe what a hero is; we also need to know what a hero is not. A hero is not meant to be a sacrifice. The sacrifice part of heroism is incidental, a by-product of taking action to aid others. […]
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We Need to Expand the Definition of the Hero

Our modern definition of the hero is too narrow. We’ve made heroism too rare. We’ve lost a lot of depth when it comes to the idea of the hero. Today, If you ask people what it means to be a hero, they’ll probably use words like “brave” or “selfless.” They’ll describe someone who helps other people, even […]
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Why You Need to Live the Hero Now

You know something’s wrong. You can feel it. Like Neo in The Matrix, you know things aren’t the way they’re supposed to be. But we’re not talking about the world around you. There’s something happening with your inner world. It has you frustrated, restless, unhappy. But knowing about the wrongness hasn’t made it better. In fact, it’s […]
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