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Don’t Be Afraid to Express Your Manhood in Your Own Way

Being a man can come with a lot of expectations. At some point, all men struggle under the burden of the macho masculine stereotype of the tough, cocky-confident, hypercompetitive guy. We are sold on striving to be the tall, dark, and handsome Romeo who can sweep any woman off their feet. But that image is […]
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How to Get Suited Up Like a Hero

I’ve previously written about the “necessary evil” of appearances. Consider this a sequel, focusing on the sometimes-dreaded topic of professional dress. I’m one of those guys that really doesn’t enjoy getting all gussied up. But inevitably, we all have to do it at some point. So we might as well do it right. An important […]
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Hero’s Guide: How (and Why) to Dress to Impress

I’m not one of those guys that insists on clinging to the latest fashion trends. But, I do like Shakespeare. What does a long-dead playwright have to do with fashion? Well, The Bard wrote the words that inspired the phrase “clothes often make the man.” It can’t be argued that sometimes you need to dress […]
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