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Use Science to Kick a Bad Habit’s A$$

As I like to reiterate here on my blog, having a hero mindset doesn’t just involve looking after the people (both loved ones and strangers alike) who share the world around you. It also means taking caring of yourself mentally and physically, so you can keep yourself in a state of readiness to rise to […]
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Tap into the Power of Positive Sucking

I suck. And so do you. Okay, I think I need to elaborate a bit. There are times in life when we all suck. And by suck, I mean fail. Sometimes, you don’t get that dream job. You don’t win the heart of a particular romantic partner. You don’t make the sports team. You get the […]
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The At-A-Glance Overview of Live The Hero

This website was launched to share my Live The Hero concept with the world, and to start what I consider to be a much-needed conversation about how we can take charge of our lives by choosing better beliefs, habits, and actions. My intent is to constantly communicate with my readers, to get your feedback on what […]
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