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How to Make a Heroic Stand for Your Business

Bullies exist in a myriad of forms and situations. From petty playground bullying to haters making fun of your life choices, there are critics that relish the chance to attack others, and your business is no exception. If you run a startup or have a new business, you have to make a stand for your […]
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How to Get Suited Up Like a Hero

I’ve previously written about the “necessary evil” of appearances. Consider this a sequel, focusing on the sometimes-dreaded topic of professional dress. I’m one of those guys that really doesn’t enjoy getting all gussied up. But inevitably, we all have to do it at some point. So we might as well do it right. An important […]
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How to Build Your Personal Brand

This is a guest post by Jack Crute, who represents Harvey & Hugo, a London-based communications agency specializing in public relations. They use social media, PR, and content marketing to share knowledge, celebrate success, and spread positivity. This post is another in a series that applies heroic concepts to work and business. When it comes to building […]
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