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Be an Ally in 2020 and Beyond

It’s 2020, a year so futuristic it was included in the name of a 1990’s cyberpunk roleplaying game. We’re doing miraculous things with technology these days. We’ve also advanced culturally in many ways, with people of all beliefs and orientations feeling empowered to speak the truth of who they are and demand equal treatment. There […]
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How to Be a Prophet of Hope

Now that you have that optimistic mindset, here’s what you can do with it.

Try These Mood Boosters for Men to Fight the “Funk”

So many men suffer from depression and chronic stress that it is causing real problems for them, their families, and society. Suicide is a leading cause of death in young men. We are in the midst of a little-discussed mental health crisis, and we can no longer allow this to go on unaddressed. Unfortunately, too […]
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Heroes Making a Difference in the Community (Part 2)

I recently had another conversation about the meaning of heroism, during which I was again confronted with the common belief that to be a hero one must do something “extraordinary.” Yes, once again it boiled down to the “only emergencies and wars make heroes” perception. In light of this, I thought it was time to […]
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Follow Your Bliss, Benefit the World

Too many of us are convinced early in life that our dreams are impossible to achieve, and our creative processes are of no consequence to the world. I argue that this is a fallacy born of fear and self-doubt. People can sometimes slip into a “misery loves company” mindset, and deride the success of others […]
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How Heroes Can Make a Difference: In the Community

In case you missed it, I’ve written about a concept I call the H.E.R.O. mindset on this blog. It provides four fundamental aspects of what it means to be a hero, and offers a positive way of thinking about and living your life. That’s a big reason for this blog’s existence: to help you take […]
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