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CALL Speech 5 16 17My Live The Hero program and other presentations have reached a wide range of people. My core topics are centered around mental well-being, men’s issues, and overcoming trauma and abuse.

Ultimately, my message of “everyday heroism” is for anyone in need of practical tools to create inner stability, confidence, and a challenge-conquering mindset!


“Anthony’s talk left a mark on our audience. He used story and research to communicate an important message, choosing to both inspire and instruct. He put a lot of time into crafting his talk, which as an organizer, you always hope for but don’t often get.”
– Matt Langdon, CEO and Founder of The Hero Round Table

“Anthony is an ‘every challenge has a solution’ speaker and coach. Relatable, sincere, and empathetic, he is on a mission to empower people who are hungry for fulfillment, equipping them with practical personal development tools and new mindsets.”
– Rae-Ann Ruszkowski, Brand Strategist and President of Raevolutionary Concepts

“The Live The Hero program has been beneficial in helping my clients grow and develop. Through Anthony’s workshops, they learned new skills and tools to help them continue to grow and live their lives to the fullest. In addition, the skills they learned enabled them to develop their resiliency, positive mindsets, and the ability to continue moving forward to something greater. I would highly recommend Anthony to other organizations.”
– Jennifer Lang, Connect to Well-Being Youth Coach, Robins’ Nest Inc.

“What set Anthony apart from other presenters is the interaction and response he elicited from the members of our community. In addition to asking questions and discussing ideas, Anthony also had our residents thinking in alternative ways and pondering different points of view they hadn’t considered before. This was a truly interactive event that stimulated the audience, and left them with a whole range of ideas to think about after the presentation was over. I highly recommend Anthony for any event you are planning!”
– Chuck Niccolls, Escapades Producer, Brandywine Living at Haverford Estates

“Anthony has the rare ability to pull you into his presentations right away due to his animated style, effective communication of ideas, and humor. Every time I hear him speak, he draws me in and holds my attention. But the most important thing about Anthony is his message of inspiration that everyone needs to hear. Anthony challenges us to live heroically every day, and rise up to obstacles to meet them with strength and a positive attitude. Put simply, people need to hear the message that Anthony shares with such heart and dedication to the welfare of others.”
– Austin J. Haines, Senior Account Executive, Canon Solutions America

“Anthony is a passionate professional speaker. I have had the pleasure of experiencing his dynamic presentations on multiple occasions, and I’ve gained valuable insights from all of his speeches. Not only are they very motivating, but they also provide great wisdom on how to move forward in life.”
– Hev Saing, author of Cash In on Your Differences

“Our group enjoyed a presentation by Mr. Simeone that was most informative and enjoyable. His enthusiasm for his topic was most evident. The audience was pleased at his ability to answer questions they presented. The talk was further enhanced by his friendly, relaxed and outgoing manner. We hope to enjoy another of his presentations in the future.”
– Marie Denz, Circolo Italiano of Southern New Jersey

“Anthony’s presentation held everyone in rapt attention. His information was well researched and organized. Using everyday language and examples that regular people could relate to, he drew us all in and kept us listening for more. One bonus of Anthony’s friendly approach and his presentation structure was audience participation. Audience members were encouraged to ask questions as well as contribute further to the public discussion, drawing upon their own knowledge and experience. Anthony also stayed after the event to chat with the crowd. There is no doubt the group would look forward to another one of his presentations.”
– R.L.M., former public relations consultant

“Anthony gave an excellent talk, he was great! Our residents really enjoyed it!”
– Stephanie Gaber, Escapades Producer, Brandywine Living at Princeton

“To say that Anthony is charismatic would be to understate his influence. He takes everyday news and activities and transforms them into detailed stories with valuable lessons learned.”
– James Arroliga

“He has a talent for showing you how to find meaning in the mundane. Anthony’s fresh perspective on discovering the extraordinary in everyday life makes you wonder why you’ve been accepting ‘average’ for so long. He’s funny, forceful, and fantastic.”
– Kevin Eliasen

“Anthony is an engaging speaker and a fantastic storyteller who leads his audience through the full spectrum of emotions every time he’s on the stage.”
– Mike Harris

“He has a way of captivating his audience while passing along a positive message.”
– Vince Criniti

“Anthony presents practical life tips in a way that’s crystal clear and easy to understand. His topics are always thought-provoking and engaging.”
– Jeremy Moore