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The basic concepts that are foundational to the Live the Hero concept.

Join the Fight Against Humanity’s Real Frenemy

Franklin D. Roosevelt warned us about it. H.P. Lovecraft told us it’s the oldest and strongest emotion. Martin Luther King insisted it’s the reason we don’t get along with each other. They were all talking about fear. If humanity ever had a “frenemy,” it’s fear. It’s the first example of the proverbial double-edged sword, something […]
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Why Every Hero Needs a Guide

The following is a guest post by Omer Redden. You can read more about him at Author’s preface: Throughout my life, I’ve been tutored by some tremendous guides. Whether it was an English teacher, a football coach, a business owner, or an exceptional father, I’ve brushed shoulders with many men who are living admirable lives. Over the […]
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Life Isn’t Fair…or Unfair. It Just Is.

Life isn’t fair. I don’t disagree with that sentiment. Actually, I don’t think life should be fair. Because without challenge, our personal development is often slowed or halted. In the great heroic myths we’ve created, the hero is blessed with obstacles to overcome. Those obstacles, once conquered, are what create the self-assured and confident hero […]
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Remember that Failure is Your Friend

Admit it, there have been times when your life could have been the subject of a bad country song: you lost your true love, your dog, and your truck. Everything went wrong. You tried your best, and you failed.  And I bet someone made fun of your failure. Maybe it was a friend trying to bust your […]
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Why You Need to Get Mythic

What do Hercules, Neo from The Matrix, Michael Jordan, and John Lennon have in common? They’re all mythic. In other words, at some point in time, people saw them as paragons of human potential. It doesn’t matter that two of them are actual human beings and two are fictional characters. Someone saw them as a […]
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The Vital Mindset You Need to Overcome Painful Experiences

One of the most important mindsets all heroes share is how they view the painful experiences they encounter. Obstacles, setbacks, and disappointments are a part of life. I’m not here to argue that life is always easy. However, I am here to tell you that many people view adversity the wrong way. Eventually, all heroes learn an important […]
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