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Don’t Let Fear Eclipse Your Labor of Love

Did the eclipse that passed over the U.S. a few weeks ago change your life? Probably not. Did the most recent Labor Day mark a huge turning point for your future plans? Again, probably not. But maybe you—like many of your fellow human beings—found yourself wanting something personally significant to come from those milestone occurrences. […]
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Follow Your Bliss, Benefit the World

Too many of us are convinced early in life that our dreams are impossible to achieve, and our creative processes are of no consequence to the world. I argue that this is a fallacy born of fear and self-doubt. People can sometimes slip into a “misery loves company” mindset, and deride the success of others […]
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You Versus the Death of the Universe (Guess Who Wins)

Yes, someday you will die. And you will be dead waaaay longer than you will have lived here on the physical realm we call Earth. (Yes, this is a motivational blog. Stay with me.) When it comes to death, I ask, “So what?” Yes, eventually the sun will swallow the Earth, as presidential candidate Gary Johnson politely […]
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