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These posts provide an introduction to the blog and the Live the Hero concept in general.

Intro to Live The Hero: A Practical Guide to Everyday Heroism

When was the last time you thought about what it means to be a hero? Have you ever really considered the behaviors and actions we judge to be “heroic”? Many of us take for granted that we know heroism when we see it. On a surface level, many of us would call someone a hero if […]
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You’ve Gotta Get to Know Joe (Campbell)

I’ve invoked the name of Joseph Campbell quite often in my writings, and with good reason. He was the primary inspiration behind my creation of Live The Hero. Mr. Campbell (or Joe, as I like to call him) is my main source for the “life philosophy” I collated together from various sources. Campbell’s work is the […]
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The At-A-Glance Overview of Live The Hero

This website was launched to share my Live The Hero concept with the world, and to start what I consider to be a much-needed conversation about how we can take charge of our lives by choosing better beliefs, habits, and actions. My intent is to constantly communicate with my readers, to get your feedback on what […]
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Join the Self-Maker Revolution!

It’s time to believe that every human being can create themselves. I believe there has never been a better time to be alive. We have the benefit of living at the apex of thousands of years of history, with access to all the wisdom of the ages. And, thanks to the Internet, a person is not limited to the ideas found […]
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Why I Created Live the Hero

People ask me why I created Live the Hero, and like any other human being I’m tempted to give some larger-than-life, grandiose answer like, “I was struck by sudden divine inspiration” or “I had a spiritual awakening!” But the truth is plain and simple. I created it because I was unhappy (more on that in a bit). I want […]
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Why You Need to Live the Hero Now

You know something’s wrong. You can feel it. Like Neo in The Matrix, you know things aren’t the way they’re supposed to be. But we’re not talking about the world around you. There’s something happening with your inner world. It has you frustrated, restless, unhappy. But knowing about the wrongness hasn’t made it better. In fact, it’s […]
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