What is Live the Hero?

110729-oloughlin-superheroHeroes don’t wait for adventure, fulfillment, and happiness to come to them. They embrace the challenging journey of life to create those things for themselves.

Live the Hero is a personal development program created by writer, speaker, and coach Anthony Simeone. It’s a life philosophy for those who are tired of living with too much cynicism and too little meaning.

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Live the Hero is a worldview and a life path. It’s a down-to-earth, practical philosophy designed to help you become resilient and approach life like the classical heroes of mythology: with confidence and anticipation rather than doubt and trepidation. The program provides pragmatic tools to help you navigate the ever-changing, frustrating-yet-irresistible whirlwind of humanity on this planet we call home.

Live the Hero is a discipline that draws on ancient hero myth traditions and modern scientific knowledge, to provide a straightforward way to empower yourself, and create your own meaning and purpose. It draws inspiration from a number of sources, primarily the work of mythologist Joseph Campbell. Perhaps best of all, it’s compatible with any other philosophy, religion, or thought process you might be following now.

Your epic life is waiting for you. All you have to do is believe in yourself, carry the right tools, and decide to take the first step!

What can LTH do for Men?

super-body-builderLive The Hero was originally designed with men in mind. Specifically, it’s for men that feel the old-fashioned “macho” style of manhood has failed to provide fulfillment for them.

While I truly believe Live The Hero can be applied to anyone’s life, I believe men in particular are at a crisis point in history when it comes to self-doubt and frustration. This crisis is due to a lack of healthy life philosophies geared toward the unique needs of the male mind.

I offer Live the Hero as a self-empowering “inner structure” to replace toxic masculinity, which causes men to self-isolate and refuse help, in a futile attempt to unnaturally suppress emotion and “tough it out alone.” I believe toxic masculinity to be a major factor behind the “silent epidemic of male suicide.”

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It’s time to define what being a man means to YOU! Don’t just be a hero. Live The Hero!