What is Live The Hero?

110729-oloughlin-superheroDon’t wait for resilience and purpose to come to you. Embrace the challenging journey of life to create them for yourself.

Live The Hero is an ideology I created to actively use the classic hero’s journey as a framework to live with intention, while combating the pressures of modern life that threaten to make us cynical and alienated from others.

Live The Hero is a worldview and a life path. It’s a down-to-earth, practical philosophy designed to help you become resilient and approach life like the heroes of mythology: with confidence and compassion rather than doubt and trepidation. The ideology provides pragmatic tools to help you navigate the ever-changing, frustrating-yet-irresistible whirlwind of life on this planet we call home.

Live The Hero is a discipline that draws on ancient hero myth traditions and modern scientific knowledge, to provide a straightforward way to empower yourself, serve others, and create your own meaning and purpose. It draws inspiration from a number of sources, primarily the work of mythologist Joseph Campbell. Perhaps best of all, it’s compatible with any other philosophy, religion, or thought process you might be following now.

Your epic life is waiting for you. All you have to do is believe in yourself, carry the right tools, and decide to take the first step!

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