Ten Ways Stress Relief is Closer Than You Think


Stress is an undeniable—and even vital (in moderation)—part of life. Whether it stems from a pressing deadline at work, uncertainty at home, or constantly comparing yourself to other people’s “snapshots of perfection” on your social media feeds, life is full of stressors.

You know too much stress is bad for you. But if you think it’s hard to relieve stress, or takes some complex techniques to overcome, think again!

Here are ten ways you can relieve stress with just a little bit of effort.

1. Laugh

There are plenty of ways to have a laugh: call your best friend, head to Youtube for some funny cat videos, watch an episode of your favorite sitcom, or read a book everyone says is hilarious.

2. Music

There is no bigger mood lifter than your favorite song, or any upbeat tune that gets your body moving to the groove.

3. Cold Water

Get up from your desk or your sofa right now, walk to the bathroom, run the tap and splash your face with cold water! This is a proven way to snap you out of a funk simply by being a chilly shock to the system. But why stop there? Remember the benefits of a nice cold shower!

4. Get Outside

Fresh air clears lungs and head and heart! Stepping out into nature is a surefire way of stimulating your senses and getting a quick stress-flush!

5. Exercise

This doesn’t have to mean going to the gym, doing a marathon, or heading out for a long bike ride. Just get up and do a few jumping jacks, go for a short walk, or move around the house and get some chores done. Anything that gets the blood in your body pumping a little bit faster.

6. Go Get Changed

If we look good we feel good. Again, it’s not narcissist. When we think we look better, we automatically start feeling better, and by better, I mean more positive and less “urgh.

7. See the Doctor (App)

A big downer is feeling physically unwell, but a lot of the time it can be the placebo effect that brings us back to top form. A great way to check your health level is to get a doctor app for some quick feedback (but don’t become a hypochondriac)!

8. Cook

Or bake. Just make sure something edible is on the way! A tasty meal with healthy ingredients will make you feel better instantly, especially if there are some superfoods involved, but the power of cake should not be underestimated.

9. Be Helpful

One of the most rewarding experiences is when we help someone else, especially someone less fortunate than ourselves. Buy a homeless person lunch, become a Big Brother or Big Sister, call a friend or family member and ask them how they’re doing. Thinking about and serving others always has a positive effect on your state of mind.

10. Be Grateful

Just take a moment to think about all the good things in your life. Take time to appreciate your wonderful home, a supportive partner, a great boss, or a delightful child. No matter how big or how small the reasons, take a moment to write your gratitude down.

Give these things a try today. I guarantee one of them will bring a smile to your face quicker than you could realize.

Image Source: Pixabay

Author: Anthony Simeone

I'm a writer, speaker, and an advocate for everyday heroism. I have over two decades of experience in the practical application of literature, philosophy, psychology, and other disciplines. The culmination of my work is the Live the Hero program, a life philosophy that promotes personal development combined with service to others. Live the Hero combines the wisdom found in the arts and humanities with the latest discoveries related to research in heroism science and positive psychology. You can learn more at livethehero.com.

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