The Lazy Hero’s Guide to Milking a Free Weekend (without Leaving the Man Cave)

Imagine this: you have one of those rare free weekends with no plans and no pressures. We’re talking 48 solid hours to fill with only exactly what you want. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to have a blast without leaving the comfort of your home.

Like the pop quiz in Speed asks: What do you do? What do you do?

Think Ahead

The key is to do a little prep work and plan ahead. At the very least, make sure the fridge is stocked with enough food to see you through. Adding in a few of your favorite craft beers couldn’t hurt either.

You could rely on takeout of course, but that won’t satisfy the inevitable greasy food craving that will drop on you like a ninja Sunday morning. So make sure you have everything you need before you lock yourself in on Friday night.

Don’t Spend It Doing Nothing

When faced with the prospect of several free days, the temptation to do nothing is like a siren call leading a sailor to crash his ship on jagged rocks. You must resist! Don’t fritter away the precious gift of free time by just flopping on the couch, spacing out, binge-watching a show you’ve already seen, or procrastinating. Make a conscious, executive decision to get out of bed at a decent time and start the day.

Place a Bet

For the betting man, there’s nothing like the gut-clenching excitement of horse racing to get the heart pumping. But imagine fulfilling that Triple Crown fix without the need of getting dressed to the nines. You can cheer on your thoroughbred steed of choice from the comfort of your sofa. This is the real way to bet online, so forget about those cyber penny slots.

So, how’s your horse racing betting acumen? Brush up on your talent for spotting a winner by reading tips from expert pundits first, then it’s off to the virtual races!


Yep, you heard me: put down the game controller, turn off the tube, and read a book. The simple pleasure of losing yourself in another world cannot be underestimated. Do a little soul searching and find subjects that interest you, be it fiction, non-fiction, biography, whatever.

Most online bookstores allow you to try before you buy and download samples before you commit. This includes audio books, if you absolutely need to rest the old eyeballs. You’ve got nothing to lose, and whole universes of the mind to gain.

Learn Something New

If you’re bored with your day job, use the weekend to increase your knowledge and improve your skill set. Then put your newly expanded brain to the task of finding a job you enjoy. There are thousands of online courses you can take, many of them completely free of charge.

And if you’re feeling too lazy to do any serious studying, find a short course on something like painting just for the fun of it (come on, you’ve always had that secret desire to become the next Bob Ross).

Do a Marathon

No, not the kind that involves actual running. Okay, I’m going to contradict myself here a bit and give you permission to spend time watching shows (with the disclaimer that they can’t be something you’ve already seen…be bold and explore something new for once).

Free weekends, like Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation days, are the best times for entertainment-gobbling marathons. Movie marathons, TV series marathons, game marathons, and even book marathons will help you while away the hours. But just like at a holiday dinner, don’t overindulge.

Board Games

Invite a few friends (remember them?) over and go old school for the afternoon. Unplug completely and dig out your dusty board games. Watch out, this may take a bit of coordination with the guys, so don’t hurt yourself. Get your buds to bring over their own games and then compete for the accolade of Ultimate Monopoly Champion, if that’s your thing.

Take A Nap

According to research, napping is one of the things that successful people do over the weekend. Scheduling in some time to allow your body to rest and recuperate makes you more productive during the week. There’s actual science to back this up, so grab your favorite blanky and snuggle up! But again, disclaimer: just don’t sleep the day away, that’s just counterproductive.

Have I missed anything? Leave a comment and let me know your tips for crafting your own lazy but fulfilling weekend.

Featured Image Source: Unsplash

Author: Anthony Simeone

I'm a writer, speaker, and an advocate for everyday heroism. I have over two decades of experience in the practical application of literature, philosophy, psychology, and other disciplines. The culmination of my work is the Live the Hero program, a life philosophy that promotes personal development combined with service to others. Live the Hero combines the wisdom found in the arts and humanities with the latest discoveries related to research in heroism science and positive psychology. You can learn more at

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