Video: Real Heroes Ask for Help!

Today, one thing that men in particular seem to have a hard time doing is building connections. Our culture has almost demonized “the other,” making us fearful of reaching out and cooperating for the betterment of all. Men are especially at risk, as we’re often taught to see each other as competition or outright threats to each other’s well-being.

The result: a lack of community-building skills that are eating away at the fabric of society. The evidence of this “mistrust epidemic” can be seen in how polarized we are in our political views, our religious beliefs, and in deteriorating race relations.

If we continue to sow mistrust toward our fellow human beings, things will continue to get worse.

A lesson we can learn from heroic myths is that, despite having great skill and power, heroes always seek out help when they need it. In this video, I talk about how heroes know their limitations and seek assistance to overcome obstacles.

5 thoughts on “Video: Real Heroes Ask for Help!

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